To new business partners

We have a collection of Japanese “manufacturing” products and deliver them to your store.

The brands and products introduced on this site are sold by Real Japan Project as a wholesaler.
If you would like to do business with us, please contact us using the dedicated form.

There is a dedicated form entry button at the bottom of this page.
Please take a look at [3 features of REALJAPAN NOW] and [Brands that can be traded] before contacting us.

In addition to wholesale sales, "REAL JAPAN NOW" also engages in various initiatives such as holding real exhibitions and events.

Three features of “REAL JAPAN NOW”

  1. Wholesale purchase of rich Japanese manufacturing brands related to food, clothing, and shelter available in bulk.
    Ordered items will be shipped together and invoices will be issued together.
  2. Communicating the fun of manufacturing through reading materials
    Regularly posts information on the brand's manufacturing background, thoughts, creators, etc.
  3. In addition to product features, we also introduce useful information that can be used for sales.We are also preparing promotional videos for displays, POP, sales methods, etc.

Brands that can be traded

Currently, we can trade with 20 brands, mainly craft manufacturers.
The number of high-quality craft manufacturers that can be sold wholesale is expected to increase in the future.

Flow after inquiry

1. After confirming that you are a retail store, we will send transaction information via email (*We will contact you after 2-3 business hours)
2. If you agree to the transaction terms and wish to do business with us, we will ask you to submit detailed information about the retailer.
3. We will conduct the examination based on detailed information (*5 to 7 business days)
Four. We will report the screening results and sign a contract if the screening passes.
Five. After signing the contract, we will issue you an account to use the site. Start trading.