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Fabric kumo-shibori (allover pattern)

Fabric kumo-shibori (allover pattern)

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【Our recommended points】
・"Kumo Shibori is fully processed on polyester taffeta fabrics.
The fabric processed heat setting technique can be imprinted a shape and is stretchy."
・The material can be used in multiple ways, such as interiors.
・The heat setting technique can be used to any synthetic fibers.

The length of original fabric is W112cm×L8.0m, and it will shrink to W30cm×L4.0m after fully processed.

This shrinking creates rugged patterns.

*Good for free size clothes, accessories, bags, lampshades, and etc...

【Product information】
Size:W44×D315(inch) / After processing W11.8×15.4(inch)

・Do not apply strong heat to the aperture area.
・Please put your laundry in the laundry net.

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