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kumo sleeve T-shirts

kumo sleeve T-shirts

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【Our recommended points】
・T-shirts with Kumo sleeves, the first item produced by Cucuri, have been still popular since its establishment.
・Main parts made of semi-combed cotton yarn give comfortable texture and hardly lose their shape.
・Washable(only if it’s put in a zippered mesh bag) and hardly looses its shibori shape.

Popular items and on sale throughout the year.
Kumo shibori parts are sewn to cotton sleeves.
Washable and hardly lose its shape.
Cucuri hopes everyone enjoy traditional techniques by wearing T-shirts processed Arimatsu Shibori.

【Product information】
Size : M / L
M / size Body length 25.1 body width 17.7 shoulder width 14.9 (inch)
L / size Body length 25.1 body width 18.8 shoulder width 16.1 (inch)
material :body : cotton100%
shibori : polyester100%
weight :7(oz)

・Do not apply strong heat to the aperture area.
・Please put your laundry in the laundry net.

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