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Nagae traditional dolls

Hina traditional doll Girl/Red

Hina traditional doll Girl/Red

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Hina dolls as Japan’s traditional craft

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In any period of time, the birth of a child brings about great joy to the family. The Hina festival, held every year on March 3rd, is one of Japan’s important traditional festivals that wishes for the good health and happiness of a child. Essential for this celebration are the Hina dolls dressed in beautiful layered kimonos. Beginning with the “dairi-bina” which represents a male and female pair, there are numerous different kinds of dolls with their unique characteristics. These dolls have been cherished by many families throughout the ages. This time, we have made these Hina dolls for foreigners so that they can be used as interior decor regardless of the season. Gorgeous use of colors and gradation are used on the collars, sleeves, and hems of the traditional Heian Period costumes. The relatively small sizes of the dolls are cute and the bright colors will lighten up any room. Their gentle smiles have a remarkable effect of soothing the minds of those who look at them.
You can display a single doll or a pair of dolls, and even display them along with a flower vase or a candle. Don’t get too caught up in tradition and have fun blending them into your interior decor. With a presence like none other, a Hina doll is the perfect gift for someone special.

Size: W9×D9×H5.5(in)
Material: Cotton,Polyester,Silk,Rayon,Straw
Weight: 10.5~11(oz)

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