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【Our recommended points】
1 A bonbori shaped lantern made with Japanese hinoki cypress. Can be placed anywhere because of its compact size.
2 The technique and beautiful shape achieved by traditional craftsmen. From ancient times in Japan, the bonbori lantern was considered to be auspicious as decoration for gods and Hina dolls.
3 The soft light that penetrates the scent of the Japanese hinoki cypress and “washi” paper (Japanese paper) will soothe and enrich the minds of those who see it.

【Product information】
Documents from 1831 in the Edo Period show the Owari Tokugawa Family decorating Hina dolls along with bonbori lanterns in the castle town.

A wide variety of crafts including festival dolls such as the Hina dolls, bonbori lanterns, paper lanterns, Butsugu, and ceramics were produced during this time of the Tokugawa Family’s prosperity.

Once the production of paper lanterns and bonbori lanterns revived in the Meiji Period, many craftsmen moved from Nagoya to Gifu in search of better quality materials.
A commercialized form became established in which wholesalers of Nagoya transferred the finished products all over Japan.
It was designated as a traditional craft 3 years ago in January 2020.
The bonbori lantern is registered as a traditional craft under the name, “Nagoya Sekku Kazari” (festival decorations) because of its historical background of the Owari Tokugawa Family.
The Nagoya Sekku Kazari is a rare case of designation involving a combination of three parts; dolls, banners and bonbori lanterns.
Ando Syouten is the only store that can produce bonbori lanterns the same way they were made over 100 years ago with Yukinobu Ando, the third-generation owner, being the only traditional craftsman in Japan capable of this production.

Originally, the bonbori lanterns are painted with lacquer; however, the HINOKI BONBORI makes full use of the qualities of Japanese hinoki cypress alone to create a new bonbori light. The gentle light of the LED lamp will turn on with 2 AAA batteries.
Its compact size, Japanese hinoki cypress scent, soft light through washi paper and the solid technology of the traditional craftsman all contribute to a magical experience that will soothe and enrich the mind.


Body:Japanese paper/Japanese cypress
Battery box:Plastic/Aluminum
Weight: 2.8 oz

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