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ROUND JAPANESE FAN(Mizu Uchiwa)/ Saika

ROUND JAPANESE FAN(Mizu Uchiwa)/ Saika

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【Our recommended points】
1 A unique fan with a refreshingly cool appearance, beautiful and translucent like water.
2 Gorgeous designs that are pleasing to the eye.
3 Use it to cool yourself or for interior decor by placing it on the display stand that comes with the product.

【Product information】

The “Mizu Uchiwa” (translucent “water” fan) is only produced in Gifu Prefecture.
It is made by stretching out “Ganpishi” on bamboo ribs. Ganpishi is a thin and firm washi among all Mino washi paper. Three to four layers of varnish are applied until the translucency is similar to that of a starch syrup. It takes a month or two for it to dry.
The origin and history of Mizu Uchiwa are variously given. It is said that an old-established uchiwa store in Kyoto which continued for 16 generations came up with the idea, and people in the Edo Period cooled themselves down with the translucent Mizu Uchiwa. The craftsmen who inherited the techniques began making the fans again in Gifu from the Meiji Period, completing the shape of the Mizu Uchiwa we know today. In Ando Syouten, we try to keep in mind the refined tastes of the people of the Edo Period and create Kyoto-style Mizu Uchiwa.
We hope to spread this beautiful uchiwa with a long history to people all over the world.

Size: H14×W6.8 (in)
Material: Japanese paper / Bamboo / Urethane paint
Weight: Body/0.6oz / Decorative stand 2.1oz

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